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Indian Food Recipes -> Spinach Rice recipe

Spinach Rice


3 cups rice
1 bunch Spinach
6 cups water
3 tsp butter
2 tsp cashews
1 medium size onion
1/2 tsp Jeera seeds
2 bay leaves
2 tsp gingergarlic paste
1/2 bunch mint leaves
3 to 4 green chillies
4 lavang
3 dalchini sticks

1. Make puree of spinach and mint leavesn. Keep it aside.
2. Now take a pan with butter add jeera seeds, dalchini, lavang, bayleaves and cashews.
3. Add onions and ginger paste.
4. Cook it until it becomes tender.
5. Add the puree and cook for some time.
6. Add rice and salt as per needed.
7. Now cook it until the rice is cooked completely.
8. Spinach rice can be served .



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