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Indian Food Recipes -> Spinach Salad recipe

Spinach Salad


1 - 10 oz packet Baby spinach
1 large cucumber - sliced
2 large tomatoes - cut into large chunks
2 hot peppers - cut into large chunks
10 almonds - Microwave almonds for one minute , cool and then slice
1 Carrot cut into pieces
Few grapes
1 Orange
Black olives  pieces

2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil
half cup Orange juice
1/2 tea spoon garam masala
1/2 tea spoon each ginger and garlic paste
salt, sugar, black pepper powder and chilli powder - to taste.


1. Mix the salad ingredients
2. Separately mix the dressing well and pour over salad.
3. Healthy Spinach Salad is ready to be served.


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