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Indian Food Recipes -> Thandai recipe



4 cup  Milk                                                                                
Cinnamon(1 stick)- Grind to a fine powder
Cardamom(2 tsps) - Grind to a fine powder
Peppercorns(5-8 no.s) - Grind to a fine powder
Sugar -  to taste
6.saffron (1/2tsp)    

2tbsp Khus khus soak in water for 15 mins- grind with the paste below:
Boil the below then peel and grind to a fine paste with a little warm milk.
Almonds---1/4 cup
cashews---1/4 cup
Pista---1/4 cup
Melon seeds--1/4 cup(if available)


1.  Take a pan add milk add saffron  and then add sugar and heat till sugar dissolves.
2.  Then to the milk add the powdered spices and stir and off the heat.
3.  Add the ground paste to the heated milk and stir well.
4.  Heat the milk for a few seconds. cool it at room temp.
5. Cool Thandai by refrigerating and serve chilled



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