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Indian Food Recipes -> Mango Punch recipe

Mango Punch


1 can of Mango pulp,
1/2 litre Vanilla icecream
A bottle of Sprite / 7up.

1. Pour mango pulp in a Bowl.

2. Add Icecream

3. Slowly add sprite in it.

4. Keep on stirring till pulp mixes well. Ice cream may not melt completely but don't worry. Leave it that way. It should be thin enough to be served in glasses. So you can just adjust sprite as required. 

5.Your Punch is ready. Prepare it just before serving so when you serve it ,it will still be frothy.

6.You may decorate it with Cherry / or slices of Strawberry or lemon or may serve it as it is.

7. Mango punch is ready to be served.



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