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Indian Food Recipes -> Marie Biscuit Pudding recipe

Marie Biscuit Pudding


250 gm heavy cream

1 packet of marie biscuits

3 tbs sugar or  to your taste.

2 banana

2 apple

1 small bunch of red or black grapes.

100 gm almond & cashew nuts cut into thin long pieces


1.  Mix sugar in cream slowly.

2.  Cut banana and apple into small long pieces and mix each other. Cut grapes in thin long pieces keep them separately.

3.  Take a dish in which you want to serve the pudding and spread biscuits on the base. Then spread half of fruits (banana and apple) and cover with cream.

4.  Spread half of dry fruits on cream and again spread another layer of biscuits then rest of the fruits and cover with rest of the cream.

5.  Spread grapes and rest of the dry fruits in last at the top to decorate and your pudding is ready to serve.

6.  Make only a few hours before you ready to serve so that cream get mixed properly but don't keep for long otherwise biscuits will loosen their crisp.



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