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Indian Food Recipes -> Ras Malai recipe

Ras Malai Recipe

Ingredients for Ras malai

For Rasgulla Balls:
4 cup milk
1 cup sugar
3 cups of water
lemon juice

For  Liquid :
3 cup - milk
5tablespoon - Condensed milk -
Safforn, Cardomom, Pista and almonds - Sliced for decoration
1 tsp rose water

Method to make Ras Malai

1. Bring milk to boil. Now to curdle the milk add lemonjuice to it and keep stirring continously.
2. Then drain the liquid out of it using a thin muslin cloth.
3. Hold it covered with muslin cloth in the running water.
4. Then drain the excess water by pressing the cloth with almost no water remaining in it. Cheena is ready.
5, In a pressure cooker add 3 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar.
6. Take the chenna out of the cloth in a dish , mash it  for 10 mintues and make around 15 small size of balls out of it
7. Toss that balls in the pressure cooker and cook till two whistle.
8.  Boil milk by adding condensed milk for about ten minutes.
9. Then bring the milk to low heat and keep stirring for 15 mintues.
10.  Add cardomon, pista, almond and safforn to it.Let it cool aside
11. Open the pressure cooker and take out the balls of chenna with the spoon in a dish and then press it little .
12. When the milk is cool add chenna balls and rose water.
13. Refrigerate it.

14. Delicious Ras Malai is ready to be served.


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