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Indian Food Recipes -> IceCream Sundae recipe

Ingredients for IceCream Sundae

4 tbps Vanilla Icecream
4 tbps Strawberry Icecream
4 tbps Pista Icecream
Finely cut Badam,
2tbsp pistas,cashew
10-15 Raisins
2 Wafers
2 Cherry
1/2 cup custard
1 Apple
1 Banana
10 Grapes
1/4 cup Pineapple - finely cut
1 small cake (any flavour)

Method to make IceCream Sundae

Cut cake into thin slices, banana and apple also into thin slices.
2. Take long glasses.
3. Place the cake slices in the glasses to cover the base.
4. Arrange the icecreams,nuts,custard,fruits beautifully to give a colorful look.
5. Serve with cherry and wafers on the top.
6. Sprinkle grated chocolate on the top.
7. Very tasty and great looking IceCream Sundae is ready to be served.


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